Els Sestadors

Els Sestadors - Country Homes

Els Sestadors is located in a Majorcan property that has belonged during many generations to the same family, taking care and keeping it until nowadays. The actual owner, conserving the spirit of her ancestors, has recuperated and restored with affection one part of this great "Possessió" dated back to the XVI century.

"possessió" is the word used in Majorca to designate the properties and aristocratic houses. Many of them, such as Els Sestadors, still conserve the agricultural tasks. You will enjoy, depending on the season, the clappers of the sheep, the harvesting of almonds or olives, but mainly a peace that seems to be unreachable in the maelstrom of today’s world.

You will enjoy the most real nature at only five minutes from Palma city.

The group of estates named Els Sestadors was in the past the accommodation of the people who worked at the Possessió. That's why, having conserved their original structure, you will enjoy with full independence its privative areas, but also many common areas really emblematic, such as the "safareig" or water reservoir, which is dated a long time ago, and has been restored for its use as a swimming pool, and areas of garden and mulberry, almond and carob trees. All the landscape of Majorca within your reach.